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Shh, It’s A Secret

We all have secrets. Some are worse, twisted, and weirder than others. Some are just embarassing or ridiculous. That is why I love secrets. Diesel Sweeties touches on the topic of secrets in today’s comic. I enjoyed Clango’s secret, which was “I wet the bed, but not in the way you’d think.”

After thinking about what secrets I hold, I’ve decided to share one with you today. I have a Star Wars tattoo on my right leg. It’s the Rebel Alliance insignia from the original trilogy. That’s right, I’m a nerd.

A Fleen writer (or reader) announcing they’re a nerd is like water announcing that it’s wet!

Now if you had said you have a “New York Giants” tattoo…

[…] Uncategorized Speaking of secrets, I’m going to share one of mine. It’ll probably cause some bristling, though that is not my intention this time. I’ve got a religious mean streak. I love comics and stories and artwork that play around with well known religious themes and mix things up enough to cause serious discomfort in those around me. It’s a guilty pleasure. There, now you know. […]

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