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My Secret Dark Humor

Speaking of secrets, I’m going to share one of mine. It’ll probably cause some bristling, though that is not my intention this time. I’ve got a religious mean streak. I love comics and stories and artwork that play around with well known religious themes and mix things up enough to cause serious discomfort in those around me. It’s a guilty pleasure. There, now you know.

Today’s Thingpart’s dark humor made me giggle delightedly. The same part of me that secretly plans for the inevitable zombie attack and plays Betrayal at the House on the Hill as if it were a guide to life finds no end to the literary enjoyment in the devil and his endless pursuit for human souls.

Joe Sayers torments the children in his comic in the most exciting ways. It reminds me of the print comic Arsenic Lullaby or the RPG Little Fears. I believe there’s a little bit of twisted in everyone.

I knew I couldn’t have been the only one to enjoy awkward,make-you-squirm in your seat religious moments. Awesome.

I love the Miss Universe strip. Outstanding.

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