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You Should All Have Venus Envy

Venus Envy has a very clever name.

It is, of course, referring to Freud’s theory of penis envy and the 20th century, European idea that young girls envied the power of the penis and went to lengths to castrate their fathers. Victorians loved to whisper about such scandelous things. Now it’s a debunked theory, in that it only applied to 20th century, European child development.

Venus Envy is a clever title because Venus in greek mythology is a symbol of feminity, and in astrology charts is represented by the biological symbol for female. And the main character in Venus Envy, Zoey, is a Male to Female Transgender operation canidate, seeking that beauty that previously wasn’t part of her life.

Okay, so that sounds a little cheesy. But in truth, Venus Envy has a cast of compelling characters — Zoë and Larson, specifically — who are struggling with their identity, including the history good or bad that got them there. The updates are sporadic, but the art style is consistant, and Erin struggles with some serious issues. I’ll leave you with her disclaimer, I think it sums up the mission of the comic pretty well:

Venus Envy is Rated WEB-14 and probably isn’t suitable for younger viewers or those who find the following things offensive: Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Transsexuality, Jews, Slapstick, Mixed-Religion Marriages, Women in the Workplace, Women in Pants, Plot, Girls’ Soccer, or Chickens teaching Hard Science.

A bit sparse compared to the Casual Notice, but in my book anything the draws attention to Venus Envy is good. I’m still puzzled that nobody brought that strip up when Dominic Deegan spurred that debate on rape. So VE has handled it better than anyone else I’ve seen.

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