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Noir-Fu Sounds Like A Delicious Appetizer

I’m back from A-Kon and still in one piece, which is a true convention miracle. I know anime isn’t truly related to web comics, but I went there in high hopes of finding potential web comic artists. After a lengthy search through the artist tables, and dodging costumed fan after costumed fan, I found him.

 I found the one web comic artist at that convention. His name is Daniel Fu, and is the artist for a new comic, titled The Retriever. I decided to check his comic out, since he drove all the way from Austin in hopes that some one would give his comic a little recognition.

The comic itself is written, drawn, and formatted like a typical comic book. It is in black and white, with full-color covers. The first issue is titled The Retriever: Daddy Issues. The style is a mix of crime-noir and kung -fu, which the artist so cleverly calls “noir-fu.”

What I really enjoy about the comic so far is the set-up for the upcoming storyline, which leads me to believe that there will be some serious kung-fu action in the future pages. Plus, I try to support anyone who is sacrificing time and money to do something they truly belive in. Good luck Daniel, I hope all your web-comic dreams come true.

It’s too bad he’s got that music with no mute button on the main page. That is a no-no.

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