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Con Report: MoCCA ’06 (Part The Second)

David Hellman has never been bought a burger by this page. This oversight will have to be corrected in the future.

John Allison is awash with successes — he sold out of his books and paintings, and wound up selling ideas (What if there were ferret record producers? What if the mighty American bald eagle was just a working Joe with a briefcase?) at the bargain price of $2.00 each. With little stock (and no voice) left after Day 1, he posted a sign apologizing for his lack of witty repartee, which somebody promptly bought. New full-color sketches drawn on the spot were snapped up continuously on Day 2. Even his ScaryGoRound Idol contest was a massive success, resulting in 92 entries of such high quality that instead of showing five days worth, he had to expand to seven (so be sure to check out the entries from Saturday and Sunday).

You get the feeling that Jeph Jacques kind of just wanted to draw comics, and never imagined he’d end up running a small business/ cottage industry. Like many creators, Jacques reports the business end of things (order fulfillment, looking for publishers, figuring out where PayPal dropped orders) to be significantly less fun than drawin’, so if you’re a college student that feels like making well over minimum wage, and you aren’t going to flake out on showing up for work today just because you’ve got a hangover, the man’s got t-shirts that need shipping. Also, he said some significantly nice things about this page and our new writers, and really felt bad about your dropped order, Sommer.

Kean Soo is counting days — days until Flight 3 comes out (look for it at San Diego), days until he delivers pages to his publisher. Hyperion will be publishing two Jellaby books, with the pages that have appeared online so far forming the initial chapters of the ongoing story. Noting that Hyperion is a Disney company, there is also the possibility of Jellaby stories appearing in Disney Adventures, which has previously run such creator-owned works as Jeff Smith’s Bone.

And, for those of you wanting to know what the absolute must-see part of the show was, no less an authority than The Toronto Man-Mountain declared it to be these guys. Now you know.

Finally, if you ever wondered what to buy r stevens for his birthday, the answer is: noodles and ice. Trust me on this one.

David Hellman never returned my emails.

I’m happy to buy him a burger (ham or otherwise) at his favorite Hampden pub any weekend that I’m actually *home*.

Oh man. “Toronto Man-Mountain” is what I’ll be putting on my business cards. The business cards that I hand out to potential mates

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