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Exploding Dogs Can Be Messy

The way Exploding Dog is created has always been a point of interest for me. A reader simply sends in to Sam Brown a title for a piece, and then he creates a picture based on how he interprets the title. This method is a simply innovative way to create a web comic while interacting first hand with fans of the strip.

The comics that come from this system are hilarious, poignant, and relates something human with every title. This comic captures humor, but also the sorrow and oddities that make up life. The mix of emotions that these comics create is what makes this strip unique.

The site offers plenty of merchandise to please any web comic shopper’s heart, and I am most definitely going to break my bank for these wonderful tees. Brown is also offering high-quality prints of almost any of his comics as well.

Exploding Dog is a worthy, notable comic that taps into everything wonderful and everything horrible about life, while making snazzy tees simultaneously. Do you really want to miss out on that? I didn’t think so.

wow… what a comic. simple, complex, beautiful, ugly. Amazing. I’m a fan. thanks.


[…] That said, in all the times I’ve seen Natalie Dee’s and Sam Brown’s work appear on this site, there’s always a comment or two asking, either, Are they webcomics? or, what I think might be the real heart of the question, Are they comics? I for one am voting yes, on both, but I know this answer will spark some interesting debate. It’s debate that, by the sound of it, has been waiting to happen for a while. So let me put down a little groundwork, explain my thinking a little, and then we can get to the opening bell of that much-anticipated first round since I’m interested in what folks have to say on the topic. […]

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