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Double Apologies

Just a quickie from me today, as the pressures of being a micro-budget movie producer have thoroughly frazzled my brain. First off, Apologies to Sommer,  Mr Casares and you, the reader, for reviewing Chili’s World, even though we already had. Maybe it doesn’t hurt to have a few different opinions on any given comic here at Fleen. Maybe I’m just an idiot.

Secondly, I’d like to say a fond farewell to Dr Fun (although knowing my luck, one of the other writers already did and I missed it somehow) for providing us with over a decade of entertainment. I was never a devoted fan, and was only aware of the comic’s existence through the occasional link from Blues News, but what I read was always amusing. Mostly it got me thinking, also after the demise of Megagamerz, how many more of our long running web comics are going to start winding up? I guess that’s why we at Fleen are going to do our best to bring as many good new ones to your attention as possible.

Not tonight though, the sun is starting to come up…

What’s wrong with reviewing a comic more than once? Hey, Websnark spent the better part of the last few years reviewing just a few comics and look how big he is!


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