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Con Report: MoCCA ’06 (Part The First)

If it seems a bit quiet in the world of webcomics today, it’s because all the creators are sleeping off their time at MoCCA ’06, and we at Fleen were there to report on all the happenings.

Ryan North is poised to take over the world. The man has ideas, ideas which are crafty, and which make webcomics cooler. The new idea — which will have an impact on the ability of creators to control parts of webcomics-as-business (shhhh, it’s a secret so far) — is one of those things that have the potential to redo all the rules of webcomics. He is also very tall, and was a gentleman towards my wife.

The Toronto contingent, upon driving across the George Washington Bridge, was confronted with the sight of a naked man masturbating in front of a homeless guy. It is possible that this was part of a financial transaction, and that one or the other was paying to watch/be watched. Welcome to New York, Canadians!

(speaking of New York, ask John Allison to do his Mayor Bloomberg impersonation sometime)

Big News! Ian Jones-Quartey dropped by with DVD copies of his thesis film, Unfair, which has been accepted into several festivals, including Animation Block Party and the Super Shorts Festival. Additionally, he informs us that his days as an intern at Noodle Soup (working on season 2 of The Venture Brothers) has come to an end … because he’s now working for them as a director. We’re talking 26 episodes of half-hour animated goodness, folks! Everybody congratulate Ian!

Jeff Rowland does not want dressing on his sandwich. Any kind of meat, cheese, or vegetable is fine, though.

Jon Rosenberg was seen selling stickers bearing the URL on them, stickers that featured a skull with an eyepatch. With his studio nest partly empty (so to speak) now that megaGAMERZ has left us, could this augur a new project? Only time will tell!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for more on MoCCA ’06! There may even be pictures!

I had a good guffaw on Montalban there.

[…] Gary So, Ian Jones-Quartey, boy genius behind RPG World, since moved on to other things, gave me the go-ahead last night to point y’all to his movie. We’ve mentioned UNFAIR previously, but Ian was keepin’ things kind of close, waiting for his film to appear in some festivals before he unleashed it on an unsuspecting world. […]

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