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I Miss Good Cartoons, But This Helps

When I was a kid, like most kids I imagine, I spent something like 6 hours in front of the television on Saturday mornings watching cartoon after cartoon until the sports commentators came on. Cartoons these days disappoint me in such profound ways because of how I remember my generation’s treasure chest of animations. The reason I mention this little corner of my childhood is because the comic Chili’s World by Santiago Casares reminds me of cartoons that I used to watch. Characters and story snippets that used to leave me in stitches.

It’s partly the coloring and partly the character concepts that ring nostalgia in my head. See there’s this penguin Chili who is in love and has all the wonderful goofball characteristics of a boy in love and he has a friend name Lenny who is a Lemming who apparently missed the great cliff run-off so Lenny hangs out with Chili and contemplates life. There’s also this cat who kind of scares me and yet I’m pretty sure he’s my favorite character, his name is Mac and he’s magically insane. There’s also a determined turtle and a head strong hare and a white rabbit and Alice who has abandoned wonderland for Chili’s World where it’s not quite as crazy and she can just be her tomboyish self. It’s like the Hundred Acre Wood if everyone just did a little bit of acid first.

You’re, like, 15, right? OK, 21 or 22. Whatever.

What cartoons were on 10-15 years ago that were so amazingly better than what’s on now?

Thanks a lot for the kind words! :)

Man, y’all who didn’t get raised up on Hanna-Barbara’s Wacky Races don’t have any good cartoons in your memories at all!

[…] PJ Just a quickie from me today, as the pressures of being a micro-budget movie producer have thoroughly frazzled my brain. First off, Apologies to Sommer,  Mr Casares and you, the reader, for reviewing Chili’s World, even though we already had. Maybe it doesn’t hurt to have a few different opinions on any given comic here at Fleen. Maybe I’m just an idiot. […]

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