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Checking Out Chili

Chili’s World is a quaint little distraction. That is the impression I was left with after reading it’s (admittedly short) archive. This doesn’t mean it’s bad – far from it – but, for now, it’s lacking that certain something that really sucks a reader in.

Santiago Casares has some decent ideas for his comic. The lemming that doesn’t jump over the cliff and Alice’s refusal to go down the rabbit hole are two of my favorites. The titular character Chili is slightly more problematic. It’s not that he’s an annoying character, but his loved up antics with the unnamed girl and her father are just not as entertaining as Mac’s intervention in the tortoise and hare race or the various reasons for the lemmings to go over the cliff. This might have something to do with the art style of the comic. Casares can draw great talking animals. Some of Mac’s facial expressions are priceless. Chili’s crush, her father and, to an extent, Alice just don’t look as good as the other characters. Some of the dialog also feels flat, though I wonder if this is the work of the evil language barrier.

It’s early days for Chili and the gang, and they do have some serious potential. Tighter dialog, better humans and a less clichéd love story would do wonders for the strip.

[…] Uncategorized Just a quickie from me today, as the pressures of being a micro-budget movie producer have thoroughly frazzled my brain. First off, Apologies to Sommer,  Mr Casares and you, the reader, for reviewing Chili’s World, even though we already had. Maybe it doesn’t hurt to have a few different opinions on any given comic here at Fleen. Maybe I’m just an idiot. […]

Even though it had already been reviewed in Fleen, I enjoyed reading your review and criticism (all good points, BTW). Thanks!

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