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Something To Ponder

So after a long day at work, I like to come home and read some web comics. I mean, who doesn’t? I stopped by Questionable Content, and today’s strip raised an interesting question. If you had a dating business card, what would it say?

I think mine would say “Allison Cook: Professional Stone Fox”

Also, I know there is no pic today. Why, you ask? Well because the web-comic bloggin’ gods have refused me one.

Edit: One pic, added for your viewing convenience by Gary.

Dr. Hastings: Freelance Gynecologist

Jeph Jacques: Freelance Gyneconomist

“Bryant: Um… hi? Hi. There are my friends… gotta go.”

All in a two point font.

dislikes.- people

donor.- of course not

Mine actually says:
PJ Hart
No Art Films

but I don’t use it for dating, hoenst…

Oh, come on. Everyone knows Wile E. Coyote had the greatest business card of all.

“What’s your man got to do with me?”

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