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Lets Get Ready Toooo…

So the word on the street is that there is going to be a rumble between Dumbrella and Dayfree Press. Man, that rocks. If I could take bets on that, then all you Americans would totally get busted since that’s illegal where (most of) you are from. Actually, that’s illegal for me too since I don’t have a license, but no matter. I’m going to weigh up the various contenders, since that is a fun thing to do.

Jeffery has the Oozinator on his side, I’ll give him that. Not to mention the English. The English did quite a number on my country, (and the laws of probability state that they probably did one on your country too at one stage) yet the opposition is still fierce.

Ninjas, Dinosaurs and Indie Kids are formidable foes, and Dayfree have two ninjas, which hardly seems fair. Hardly, that is, until we remind ourselves that Dumbrella have robots who are controlled by a monster. A monster of poop. Then things get interesting.

After things get interesting, they get crazy. Both sides have their secret crazy weapon in the form of Dr Vampire (Dumbrella) and Double D (Dayfree – which might actually be completely sane, but I have no idea what’s going on). I feel sorry for the MoCCA organisers. Those folk just have no idea what they’re letting themselves in for. Good thing New York has SWAT teams, because Dumblrella are bringing guns.

Both sides are in for an ass-whooping. Meathaus has brought in Dorothy.

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