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Oh My Bob!

It was on a friend’s advice that I checked out The Book of Bob because she told me, and I quote, “You’re going to love the pants off this comic.”

When I checked it out I couldn’t exactly figure out what part of it I was suppose to be head over heels for. It seems a little bit funny and the art is nice on the eyes, but I just didn’t feel swept off my feet by it. I seem to be in the minority though, because this comic gets nothing but positive comments from its readers who are just blown away by it. It sort of has a Perry Bible Fellowship or ThingPart feel to it, but I don’t know. It’s like the time when Pulp Fiction first came out and all my friends were crazy about it and I was the only naysayer who thought it was overrated. Maybe the truth is I’m just not cool enough.

The greatness that is Bob is over my head, I suppose. But the website design is superfun and I anticipate Bob’s following to continue growing. It’s just that kind of comic.

I read that comic too, and I didn’t get it.

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