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Look, A Title

I love huffing up some Natalie Dee. This web comic is comprised of what I love about a comic: it’s original, the art is vibrant and clean, and it never ceases to amaze me.

I enjoy Natalie Dee so much because I love it when artists, or people in general, don’t give two shits about what other people think. Her humor can be crude and offensive, and at other times blunt and to the point. Insert joke here.

This comic is one of the things that got me through being stuck in a horribly oppressive college where I certainly did not fit in.  Plus, it was hilarious when I gave out her special brand of valentines to my professors and friends.

 I think readers should check her comic out because it is a fun, quick read that will keep you coming back for more. Basically, Natalie Dee is the balls.

it has been lacking lately i find

I disagree!

I’m surprised no one has brought up the “Natalie Dee isn’t really a webcomic” argument yet. I was really looking forward to having it out with this hypothetical person.

That’s because this definitely is a webcomic. Cook Girl, thanks for pointing a guy in the right direction. Nat Dee is the hairy balls!

do you have any more links or files of natalie dee’s valentines? i’ve been looking for them. i gave all of mine away last year.

[…] That said, in all the times I’ve seen Natalie Dee’s and Sam Brown’s work appear on this site, there’s always a comment or two asking, either, Are they webcomics? or, what I think might be the real heart of the question, Are they comics? I for one am voting yes, on both, but I know this answer will spark some interesting debate. It’s debate that, by the sound of it, has been waiting to happen for a while. So let me put down a little groundwork, explain my thinking a little, and then we can get to the opening bell of that much-anticipated first round since I’m interested in what folks have to say on the topic. […]

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