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Where Is The Craic?

So it’s finally starting to feel like summer here in Belfast City. This is the time of year where it’s easier to be proud of being Irish, because the local ecosystem is no longer punishing you by dropping vast amounts of water on your head, as it does for the other nine months of the year.

With that in mind, I put on my Googling hat and went in search of an Irish web comic. My first find was Don and Doll, which appears to be very much defunct, as it’s Blogspot page redirects to a fat ugly 404. A little more sniffing around brought me to House Of Worms. It’s another one of those MMORPG screen shot comics, but the author has gone to some effort to make the comic look like well, a comic. It’s a technique anyone who has ever opened up Photoshop will recognize, but in some panels it works surprisingly well.

Right now, it’s kind of hard to tell what the comic is going to be about, but then again it’s only four pages old. Another problem is that it’s a little difficult to read the first comic, which is a bit of a turn off, but the clarity of text improves immediately afterwards. It has potential, but as I’m not a WoW player, I doubt I’ll be back to check for updates anytime soon.

Well, this little trip into my electronic cultural heritage was interesting, if a little disappointing. If anyone out there knows of any more Irish comics on-line I’d love to read them, otherwise I’ll have to go back to reading British comics.

Press Start To Play is a gaming comic by a couple of Northern Irish lads. I found it linked from VG Cats.

I believe Bif Sniff is by a couple emerald islanders.

Brilliant! i hope there’s Fleen readers as excited about these developments as I am!

Well, there’s one or two of us (Irish webcomicers) about. But, speaking for me and my cohort in creative crime, we’re still on our “first-try-dont-want-any-publicity” type thing. I’m still trying to work out how to tell good jokes in four panels (pacing is a harsh mistress), and my cohort is trying to learn how to use photoshop and a newly acquired drawing tablet as we go along.

The reason there isn’t more of us is, I reckon, that not many people read webcomics over here. Those of us that do try to convert as many people as possible. Interest seems to be growing in a few colleges (UCD has piro from megatokyo as a guest at a con, I think it was two years ago), but it’ll be a while yet before it becomes at all widespread, I’d say.

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