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Sometimes We All Need This Kind Of Distraction

I found Melaines Choles first, though I don’t remember where. It was when I was working on my own comic art project and I was frustrated and very tired of dealing with plot lines and plot holes and plot filler and characters who made me crazy. I found it the day I was ready to tell comics to go to hell and go back to writing freelance journalism all the time instead. Melaines Choles, a configuration of people and stories and plots that may or may not go anywhere but have a very central emotion that I cannot describe or exactly replicate, was found just in time to stop my vain attempt to change directions with my art. It was just the random, uncomfortable and deliriously inappropriate comic I needed at the time.

I didn’t read Nathan Castle’s other comics at the Nude Rollerdisco of Comics until much later when Melaines Choles stopped being updated as often. I liked Great and Small, especially the art but also the writing. There is this natural impression in Castle’s writing that suggests he’s telling these stories as anecdotes very late into a party when most people have gone home and everyone has come down off their social high to enjoy conversation and gossip passed off in scholarly tones. I never feel like I’m reading his stuff so much as being told while I listen, beguiled.

I could never get into Squid Gidion, but I still read Seamonster. It has the same strange underlying emotion that Great and Small and Melanies Choles offers, but with a linear storyline and reoccuring characters. Seamonster is so voyueristic.

Castle’s stuff still gets me through writer’s block.

I haven’t even looked at this comic yet…

But I like this post.

That made me smile, thanks! Good to know at least SOMEBODY is reading this stuff. Also – yes, Squid Gideon is kind of rubbish…

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