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Man, I Love Splash Pages

This page has written before on the topic of luxury in storytelling, about how you just have to slow down the plot to put something neat in. There’s a long tradition of splash panels on Sundays (during the last half of Calvin and Hobbes, the Sunday panels were practically all splash, and Will Eisner‘s The Spirit did full-page splashes so beautiful, they’ll make you cry) and at the start of comic book issues.

In webcomics, with no issues, and no restrictive panels (no, we aren’t going into the ‘infinite canvas’ arguments today), chapter breaks provide the same opportunity. All of this is just by way of drawing (ha, ha!) your attention to Ursula Vernon’s latest splash page for Digger. Her daily work is so gorgeously heavy-black that it’s easy to forget that she’s got some serious color chops, too. And besides, what better subjects for a splash page than a troll and a vampire squash? Okay, maybe the rat with wings, that was cool.

And, since we’re on the subject, Digger’s voluminous archives are temporarily free (since Vernon is up for an Eisner Award for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition), so this is an excellent time to pick up the tale of the intrepid wombat. Now, how’s about print volume 2?

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