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Geometry Is So Bad Ass

Well I figured that today would be a good day to bring up Bad Shape by Wiz Rollins. When I’m down and out I navigate myself to this comic for some raunchy, gangsta humor. I think that any comic about two thug-like geometry shapes is worth my while.

It stars a circle named Blue, and a rather thin rectangle that goes my the moniker SlimKillah. This site is basically gag-a-day, with a few plot-lines interwoven through out the strip. A couple examples are when Kitt from Knight Rider attempts to have his way with Slim, and when Blue attempts to go back to work to pay off student loans.

The one thing that bugged me about this comic that there seems to be no archive, which can be frustrating at times. Other than that, there are some interesting extras including Slim’s own MySpace account, and a Bad Jams page where you can listen to Blue and Slim’s very own grooves.

If you’re into foul-mouthed shapes and stress titties, I suggest stopping by Bad Shape. If not, then shame on you. Not really, I just felt like saying that.

Thanks for the niceties. Always cool to hear someone’s digging what you’re doing, ya know? I’m working on a better (or any) archive system, but that’s a WIP– so don’t hold me to that. You’re doing good stuff here, Al.

Congrats. You’ve made onto my Top 100 Favoritest White Men list.

I love this comic, and I’m glad to see it get the much deserved attention it needs. Attention is always nice. Especially when it involves gentle stroking, and butterfly kisses.

It’s nice to see Wiz getting the props he deserves. Bad Shape is hilarious. Slim is tha shazbot!

Yeah, Wiz, Play on Player!

Even though Slim and I are mortal enemies, I can’t deny how bad ass ‘Bad Shape’ is.


Bad Shape has got to be the funniest goddamned comic on teh Intartron. Rock on, Wiz! \m/

Thanks Wiz, I’d love to be in the group of badass white men,except for the fact that I’m a woman.

…except for the fact that I’m a woman.

Damn. My bad. Well, then you’ve become a part of an even more EXCLUSIVE club… “The Ladies of Shape” (peep the double entendre).

Seriously. Sorry about the mix up!

PS- My last name’s not Shire, it’s Rollins. :)


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