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Thank God For Culture Clash – The Book

I’m still gross and sick and barely functioning today. I spent most of the weekend sleeping and heavily medicated. I did not leave my bed long enough to read any comics online, sorry guys. No good news today; I’ll try again tomorrow.

While being pathetic and whiney all weekend, I did get a chance to read through my new copy of Candorville’s book Thank God For Culture Clash which arrived on Saturday morning.

The book is wonderful funny and filled with all our political woes and missteps from the past several years. I like how Darrin Bell deals with race too, a subject that makes anyone who finds the jokes funny instantly uncomfortable with themselves. Bell tells us in no uncertain terms to get over ourselves, we look ridiculous. I am already plotting a serious plan to convince the super-conservative newspaper of my city to bring Candorville to their pages. We’ll see.

I bet the book will be even better the second time I read through it when I’m not stoned on decongestants and Nyquil.

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