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I Love The Smell Of Zombies In The Morning

Ok, so I love zombies. What I love even more are web comics about zombies. That’s why I’ve decided to chat up a little unknown comic called The Undead.

This comic is basically about a group of twenty-somethings who are stuck in a city suddenly overrun with zombies. They are frantically trying to get the hell away from the flesh-eating foes, which is what the plot-line is driven on.

 What I enjoy about reading this comic is that it references and pokes fun at all the zombie-movie cliches that we all have come to know and love. I see it running along the lines of Shaun of the Dead.

 The comic is fairly new, with only about forty strips to it’s name. This is a good time though for plenty of feed back and growth from readers and the like. It holds plenty of potential, and hopefully with some support, will grow into a full-fledge powerhouse of web comic domination.

If not, it’ll just eat your brains anyways.

If I hear one more description of a comic strip/tv show/movie that contains the phrase “group of twenty-somethings”, I will spit teeth.

I am intrigued beyond all measure, Paul. Whose teeth?

My own, possibly yo mama’s.

Whoa, it’s true. The right haircut makes a guy all bad ass. I do not feel the least need to defend my mama from teeth-spitting.

Well, when your wife swears that you won’t be getting any until your hair grows back, you get cranky. From there it’s either “badass” or “crying under the coffee table” :)

I will break her.

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