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Downtime Musings

My Internet connection was down for most of today and boy did it ever make me restless. I spent a lot of the day entirely distracted by the nagging voice in the back of my mind that told me I had to post an update on Fleen.

So then, after a few beers, I got thinking. Is this how the people who write my favorite web comics feel when they can’t make an update? We’ve become like them in a way, we web comic bloggers. Just as they strive to provide you with fresh tasty comics every day (or every other day, or every week, or just a lot) we’re here trying to come up with something relevant, informative and interesting about them. Although writing about comics might not take as much effort as making them, keeping pace with the people whose work you criticize on a daily basis helps keep things in perspective. It’s easy to complain about a comic that updates irregularly, has poor web design or just plain sucks, but these people are putting themselves out there. Even the most bitter, haggard wordbeast has to respect that.

Oh man, losing a net connection (or having my scanner break, or a piece of vital computer hardward go bad, etc) is paralyzing for me if I have to do an update. Luckily I’ve managed to maintain some buffer for awhile now, but I know there were days when I was living on the seat of my pants with respect to comic-creation where if the ablitiy to create and upload went away, I’d be sweating.

Oh, c’mon. You’re resorting to navel-gazing already? It’s only been a few weeks, you can’t be out of ideas already.

“Naval-gazing” is one of my favorite terms in the whole world. Right up there with “ineluctable” which rolls out of the mouth in a way that I cannot properly describe.

In my defence, I have an awesome naval.

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