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Let Candorville Be Candorville

Much like Allison, I’ve come down with some nasty sinus infection that has me writing in misery. I’m painstakingly trying not to misspell anything, or use “its” instead of “it’s” or “further” instead of “farther”. This was supposed to go up yesterday, but I didn’t surface from unconsciousness until 5am when my alarm went off for work this morning.

 The comic that I found to be a very funny, very political comic was Candorville. It’s sort of a Boondocks-esque comic through the eyes of adults. Some of the perspectives the comic offers are so spot on they become disheartening. Politics not your thing? No problem, there are plenty of issues to go around.

Candorville has its eyes on syndication and is not ashamed of it. I recently purchased the book and am eagerly waiting its delivery. The creator, Darrin Bell, emailed me when he got my order to promise a defacing of the book with an autograph and sketch. I’m so excited.

It shows up in 30 day groupings through so unless you get your hands on the book, the archive is off limits. That’s too bad, but Bell makes up for it in his regular blog posts. His writing style reminds me of the journalists from the SFGate. I wish I could invite Bell over for dinner once a week so that we could talk politics and his clever banter would make me a smarter commentator. I live vicariously through his journalism. 

Candorville doesn’t “have its eyes on syndication” – it’s already syndicated through the Washington Post Writer’s Group.

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