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State Of The Fleen

So the proverbial “we at Fleen” has truly become a “we”, as this little expression of irresponsible opinion has grown to include more writers. You, our audience, have been very welcoming of the newbies, and I trust that you will continue to let them know when they do well, and when they could use a bit of slapping — they won’t break, but try not to bruise them too much.

Given that it’s now a multi-person show ’round here, there are some changes that you will notice:

  1. The blogroll over to the right has been redone: new writers, new favorites, new strips have come to our attention, and some that have ceased updating regularly (or at all). Bit of pruning to try to make it more easily navigable … the goal was to have about 30 items, but we’re presently in the mid-50s.
  2. Fleen writers will be making a concerted effort to find new (or at least under-publicized) webcomics. Everybody around here is committed to finding at least one a month, which means we can set up a weekly rotation of undiscovered comics. Creators, let us know that you’re out there.
  3. We’re thinking about a new masthead. What do you think of the stereotypical webcomics creator up there?
  4. Watch this space for reports from the fields of MoCCA and SPX, and daily updates from the Nerd Prom. Hopefully, we’ll have some coverage of other webcomic-heavy shows as well.

Naturally, we are open to suggestions. What sort of things should we be covering more? What do you have very little interest in? What will make Fleen not just a site you visit during the week, but a vital part of your existence? Let us know, then tell everybody you know to read us — this world ain’t gonna conquer itself, so we all have to pitch in together.

Posts about Penny Arcade, I could do with less of those. Don’t worry, Tycho and Gabe aren’t going to end up toiling away in obscurity without your help.

I like it when people talk about what is different about a comic, or about some personal meaning it has for them rather than a dry summation of it’s high points and low points. Blog, don’t review.

Awh… you removed the link to Yirmumah… what gives?

No love I tells yah.

Needs more green.

One of the things I like about Fleen is the diversity of topics you cover. It’s sometimes nice to see “water cooler” discussions of the comics and storylines that I’m already following, but it’s also helpful to read about newer or more obscure comics which I might find interesting.

I think I agree with the second point Charles made. Especially with unfamiliar comics, it seems to help when the writer discusses themes that he or she related to in the context of a comic or set of comics instead of giving a more straightforward run-down.

I don’t think that the penny-arcade posts hurt anything. It’s not like there’s valuable print space that could have been given to an unknown.

I second “blog, don’t review.” Tell us what you think is fun today.


Hey look, I’m no longer in the cool crowd.

At last the world is returning to normal…

Underpublicized comics that are decent:



(it has been a bit weak for the last few weeks, but it’s ending it’s several-year run next week so I suppose I’ll forgive it)

I won’t bother plugging my comic, but if you want to see it you can click on the link my name makes! ;)

Frankly, I think the “Good Start” list is Fleen’s most unattractive feature. It looks ugly, and as can be seen from previous comments, it’s presence causes too much focus on whether or not one’s comic is there. In fact, having it there at all seems to fly in the face of what this blog is all about. Were I King of Fleen, I would say get rid of the list completely.

Gah! Apostrophe abuse. Mea culpa.

The biggest change Fleen needs is previews for comments, dammit!

OK. I’m letting you know I’m here. (holds breath)

As for the masthead, I didn’t realize that was supposed to be a webcomic creator, I assumed it was a caricature of Gary or something.

Pssht. It lacks the fancy-pants, pretty-boy moustache sported all right-thinking people named Gary.

Something I noticed just now, there is now way to search by author of post. Sometimes all I remember is that so-and-so wrote something and it’s difficult to find… Possibly tags could be useful? Even just a few pre-defined ones for the authors to pick?

I can see what people mean by the blogroll but it is an essential part of the blogging enviroment. Perhaps there’s some way or breaking it down into another section, similar to Websnark’s seperate pages?

Blogrolls aren’t essential, they’re merely customary. What would be more useful than the “Good Start” is the more familiar list of previous posts with bylines.

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