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MoCCA: T Minus A Week And Counting

All fans of webcomickry in the general New York area are invited to come check out the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art’s annual arts fest at the Puck Building in Manhattan next Saturday. For a measly eight bucks (ten for both days!) you get access to a lot of neat people.

Webcomic creator types expected in attendance (from the MoCCA Exhibitor List) include Sam Brown, Steven Cloud, John Allison, R Stevens, Jeff Rowland, Andy Bell, Hope Larson, Kean Soo, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Ryan North, Rob Coughler & Ramon Perez, Jeph Jacques, David Hellman, Kent Earle, Ryan Sias, Raina Telgemeier and Jennie Breeden. Chris Hastings will be reportedly walking the floor, and I’ll be doing the CBLDF thing.

Plus, if current trends continue, you can ask Jon Rosenberg if anybody survives Deathrumble 6000. So bring a sketchbook, some cash for cool swag, and small bottle of booze (the traditional thank you gift for a webcomics creator), and enjoy.

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