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Let’s Reminisce, Shall We?

I just got off work and I’m freakin’ tired. So instead of writing some beautifully poignant piece on web comics, I’m just going to share with you the handful of comics that metaphorically popped my web comic cherry.

The very first web comic I read and almost literally devoured is Questionable Content by J. Jacques. This little Indie dream won my heart over in a matter of minutes. I read the whole backlog in one sitting, and still craved more. This is when I knew that I was meant for web comics.

Another web comic that tickled my fancy at an early stage was good ol’ Toothpaste for Dinner by Drew. I became obsessed with checking this comic daily, and I’m pretty sure a good sum of my money has gone to his t-shirt store.

One last comic that I’m sure you’ve heard of is White Ninja Comics. This Ninja is white, crude, and hi-larious. I e-mailed these crass but wonderfully delightful comics to all my friends and even a few foes. I still get a kick out of horribly offensive humor, which is why I’ve been true to White Ninja through out the years.

These three comics are what opened the gateway to the wondrous world of web comics, and for which I owe them my eternal gratitude.

the one that got me started was penny arcade. i would read it every so often, maybe every few months over the period of a year, catching up on what i had missed. one day one of those dudes posted a link to scary go round. i checked it out, and before i knew it hours had passed. i was completely hooked! then i moved on to the rowland stuff, and he linked to many other comics, and now i have like a half dozen or so that i read religiously. then i found fleen, which opened up even more. now there are a full on dozen comics that i check daily. i do love me some webcomics.


Ah memories. Six years ago someone told me I should check out “User Friendly”- which lead me (via a crossover) to “Waiting for Bob”, which led me to the original Fleen site. Much “Bobbins” and “When I Grow Up” ensued.

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