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A Few News-Like Items As I Get Caught Up From A Long Weekend

Yesterday I said there would be a review of a very good political comic, but I lied. Journalists, man, what are you going to do?

Instead I’m catching up on four days worth of missed comics because I left for an extended weekend. With that being said, this is what I learned from comics this week: Questionable Content tapped into my food neurosis this week. I check my food religiously for anything that looks bug-like. So I don’t know where this OCD instinct came from but reading this comic was very hard on me.

Gunnerkrigg Court started Chapter 8 and the official start of Book 2 on the 29th as well. I’m hoping that Book 2 explains much of the unsolved mystery that was unraveled in the first 7 chapters.

One of Family Man’s most unique pages went up on the 31st. It seems like nothing is happening until you look very closely to see that the last two panels are individually drawn. It’s almost impossible to tell but for the fact that all the clocks have ticked a minute forward from the previous panel. Dylan Meconis blows my mind.

No Rest For the Wicked brought out one of the most fun pages yet. And today Ctrl+Alt+Del posted their 5th animation short. It’s in the premium section of the website and while there are differences of opinion about having a premium section, that’s a debate for another day. I like the shorts. I feel like I get enough bang for my buck.

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