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Crisis In Infinite Macs?

So what’s happening with Mac Hall right now? Parallel universes? Is there a difference between Mac Hall 2.1 and Mac Hall 3.0?

Okay, so I’m aware that this could just be an over-sight on Ian’s part, but what with him moving to California… where does that leave the Mac characters that we know and love? Personally, I think it would be fun to see what crazy stuff Ian gets up to in Cali, but at the same time bringing the storylines we have going with the “2.1�? characters to a close.

Since updates have been well, sparse (at best), two storylines would be confusing and maybe frustrating. These problems arise when a comic is semi-autobiographical. I think we need some kind of resolution on Mac Hall 2.1 before we launch into a new chapter of Mac. It doesn’t matter if it’s entirely fictional, like in any relationship, closure would be nice.

Is it really as autobiographical as you’re implying? I mean, they incorporate real events into the fictional world, but I remember reading that Ian and Matt never actually met for the comic’s first several years; let alone shared a dorm room.

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