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A Coffee, Sir?

We don’t usually talk about the super-popular comics around here much, but since Gary has provided the main course of today’s reading with his beefy interview, how about a mint and some coffee in the form of a wee article about Penny Arcade?

Today, the PA boys showed us some evidence that they can actually occupy a room full of children and deliver fun, constructive learning, and not for the first time, apparently. I was just thinking, is there really any other web comics artist out there who can do stuff like this? The answer is, well, yes. Yes there probably is. However, on the same news page there is mention of a new ad campaign by Tycho, Gabe and Kiko for the one and only ESRB. That’s pretty heavy stuff. Scrolling further down, Gabe talks about the convention that is held in their honor. Not only that, but two separate pilgrimages of sorts are trekking across the country to attend. These guys are probably the closest thing we have to rock stars in the magical land of web comics and I shall take this opportunity to tip my hat to them. My hat which is not a monkey.

It’s my opinion that this sort of thing is precisely why the PA boys are and will continue to be the biggest thing out there. Although there are plenty of big powerful comics out there, Gabe and Tycho are really guys you can fall in love with.

These are guys who are already married, already doing well financially, and already seem to have accomplished their dreams. Yet, they still do great things, not just for our little community, but for the whole freakin’ world, and they ask for nothing in return.

I think the appeal of them is that they AREN’T rock stars. They’re a couple of goofy nerds like the rest of us who’ve managed to create something important, and are now using it to do beautiful, humane things.

Kudos from me too.

I am a school teacher. I have run cartooning classes before in the schools that I’ve taught at.

The funniest comic a student ever drew when I was around involved a punchline she made up that was totally unexpected. I had talked to them about how unexpected things often create funny things, and she drew the following:

A guy walks through a door.

The guy looks up, worried.

Two blobs are falling from the sky down on our protaganist. Labelled in 10 year old’s handwriting, the blobs are called “poo.”

I had to try not to laugh.

(But mostly I teach music).

“…Gabe talks about the convention that is held in their honor.”

Held in their honor nothing; PAX is put on *by* Penny Arcade, not for them.

Truly a momentous point!

Actually, I’m not even sure if you’re implying that’s better or worse.

And to think, I used to babysit Jerry (Tycho) in Spokane way back when…

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