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Why Are My Knee-Pits Sweating?

Topical humor always tickles my funny bone. I live in Michigan, and in Michigan there is a certain reputation for being frigidly cold. Now, like every other place, they also say that if you wait five minutes the weather will change. But for the last two days (and tomorrow as a third) it has hit 90 degrees with a heat index in the mid-90s.

Michigan doesn’t get heat indexes.

I thought I would share with you a particular story-arc from the archives of Loserz – strangely enough, a webcomic set in Michigan. I am lucky enough to have friends with cars who also have parents with pools. Good thing, too, because there weren’t enough people around this weekend for a proper waterfight.

Loserz, created by Eric Schoenek, is the story of three friends who are (according to the header) “Cynical Punk-Ass Teenagers.” They love video games, Jodie loves Sex, Eric’s hat is always changing, and Ben is lovesick. They’re the best of friends (but not in an ooey-gooey way). But that’s neither here nor there, because we’re talking about a WATERFIGHT.

Jodie, Eric, and Ben are joined by Max and Cecil, and the entire thing has a vaguely Calvin and Hobbes-esque feel to it, which the author admits in his commentary. But what makes this arc most enjoyable is not the jokes, but when it gets read.

Enjoy it as a beginning-of-summer treat. Hopefully, there will be other romps in the park like this one, all over the internet, which can take our mind off the fact that computers like to shut themselves down when they over heat.

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