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Bunny on A Stick

So the Color scheme in this particular issue of Boy on a Stick and Slither reminded me of a certain other web comic. Synapses fired in my brain (I imagine, what do I know, I’m a writer) and a startling connection was made.

Wait for it.

BOASAS is kind of like Bunny!

Anyone with enough time on their hands can find similarities between almost any two things if they really try hard enough and have enough time on their hands. I am not fond of the former and don’t have the latter, but what I do want to say about these two strips is this:

Neither would make a good comic book in any traditional sense of the term. Neither are likely to find their way into syndication anytime soon. Both are still brilliant comics. Lem and Steve both use the abstract in the way it is meant to be used. They make people think about stuff. Sometimes it’s Politics or the environment or language. Sometimes it’s silly things, like moustaches.

Also, both comics can get pretty existential sometimes , which is something we just don’t have enough of in today’s pop culture. I like that.

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