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Something (Potentially) Negative

I don’t have a lot of time to talk comics today for several reasons relating to impending academic failure. Conveniently enough though, the reason for this potential failure is a comic. So we can at least talk about that.

When Gary linked the first strip of Something Positive in his post on Friday, I doubt he had any idea that he was placing my University career in dire peril. At least, I hope he didn’t. Well, ever since then I’ve been dedicating every free sober moment to it’s deliciously evil charms. I even received a late birthday present in the form of a Trade Paper Back by one of my favorite writers, which will probably go unread until I have burnt through the SP archives.

I don’t think this has happened to me since I discovered White Ninja. Is it a common phenomenon, or do I just take my web comics way to seriously?

I think it’s a pretty common phenomenom. It’s like “Haha, this is good…. oh my God, there are years worth of it, right here… on my computer FOR FREE.”

Nope, had that experiance with both Diesel Sweeties and PBF. Its just what comes of loving comics!

I listened to Postal Service on repeat while reading through the Questionable Content archives about a year ago.

That was wild.

Oh, you n00bs- I’ve been ruining my academic career by obsessively devouring webcomics archives for years. I remember blitzing the Sluggy Freelance archives back in ’99 or so, on dial-up. And I didn’t listen to none or yer fancy-schmancy ‘indie rock’- I listened to Eiffel 65, possibly the most terrible eurotrash techno man has ever produced. And I LOVED IT. You kids today have don’t know how good you got it!


I can’t name the number of comics that have consumed all my time after discovering them.

I don’t know how I kept my job after I discovered Diesel Sweeties.

You’re just NOW discovering the sublime cynicism of S*P??? Where have you BEEN? And you call yourself a webcomics commentator. (BTW, my character makes a cameo, sort of, as a cardboard placard in a comic shop. So does Bob the Angry Flower.)

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