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Tripping Down Memory Lane

I had the rare and prized opportunity yesterday to trade favorite online comic names and a name came up that I hadn’t thought about in so long. It got me thinking about forgotten and unfinished comics. So in the spirit of nostalgia, I’m going to dredge up some old comics that once shined star-like before plunging into nameless oblivion. There are dozens to choose from, but I’m only going to mention two today that break my heart the most.

Return to Sender has sat dormant since 2004, waiting poised at the end of a chapter. This fantasy story was made up completely by the creator, so we are left with no way of knowing what happens, what was happening and what mysterious forces are at play. The talented woman behind the comic has made no updates or given us any news. She doesn’t tell us she won’t return, she just doesn’t tell us anything; leaving us wondering and hoping. I still check it every few months.

Who here didn’t fall in love with Fallen during its life? I knew people who didn’t even like comics who had Fallen artwork on their desktops. The last dozen updates had been slow coming, one every few months, and then after September of 2005 there was just nothing, and we’ve continued to get lots more nothing. Fallen has some of the prettiest artwork on the web and like Return to Sender, a very unique fantasy world rich in texture and mythology.

What happens next? Will we ever get closure?

Will we ever see another Nowhere Girl?

Man, this post inspired me to browse through my collection of dead links, and its pretty sorrowful to see some of the good ones that have gone by the wayside.

What makes me saddest is when I come across one where even the archives are gone entire, and no trace of the comic remains at all…

Brosgol’s Livejournal doesn’t seem to be Googlable, but I managed to find this post where she at least explains the lack of news updates. Also, wouldn’t it make more sense to have “woman” link here, rather than to a FAQ page about the comic itself? What kind of stalker are you?

On the other hand, I never figured out what the nine-page color comic mentioned here was. When was the Konfabulator comic published?

PS: It is totally bogus that my whole message got erased just because I forgot to specify an email address.

I’m still learning the way of the stalker. Maybe I need a stalking mentor.

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