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I See Dead Trees

Books. Words and pictures printed on bits of dead trees, stuck together and sold to you, the consumer, as a form of entertainment and/or eductation.

Now that we’re all on the same page, (yes, I went there) lets talk about web comic books, just you and me. Basically, what I was thinking was this: are web comic books for the hard core fans or do they serve as a means for hooking in new readers? Certainly in the past I think the former was true. It used to be the case that the only place you could buy a comic’s collection was from it’s own website, so basically if you were buying a book, you already read the comic. Sure, you could lend it to your friends or “accidentally�? leave it on your brother’s bed side table, but at the end of the day, the people who were shelling out cash for the books were the fans of the comics.

This has changed. I don’t know about your dusty little corner of the world, but my local Forbidden Planet now sells a modest collection of web comic books. I am unsure whether this is helping the uninitiated discover the electronic gems of entertainment that you and I know and love, since (regrettably) I don’t work in the aforementioned comic store. Despite this, I would like to cautiously suggest that yes, yes it is. In our store, some genius has placed the Sinfest books right beneath that gigantic Calvin and Hobbes collection that costs about as much as a second hand car. So maybe, just maybe, some Watterson fan will look at that expensive collection, realize they can’t afford it, and browse the titles in the surrounding section. “What’s this?�? They may ask. “It’s kind of like Calvin and Hobbes, only with sex and swearing! I can buy both these books and still afford to feed my family!�? Thus, a new Sinfest fan is born. Maybe. Of course, it never hurts to rely on the curiosity of the common comic book reader. I, for one, have entered my local many a time with some crisp bills in hand seeking to buy something, anything. Why not an issue of PvP? Why not a copy of Book Club?

Well, because it isn’t out yet. But still.

The more comic shops that buy in web comic books, the more likely it is that said books will hook in new readers. That is, providing the books don’t look like ass. Your adoring fans might tolerate sloppy presentation in a printed product, the ignorant masses will not.

Nice piece. Made me … chortle. All it took was one email from Gary telling me I had gotten a review from you guys and you’ve made a devoted reader out of me. I can’t say I like all the stuff you guys like, but who could? What I can say is that I really enjoy reading what you guys have to say. It’s just quality, laid back writing with a familiar tone.

… and you say things like, “… providing the books don’t look like ass.”

Strong finish.


As a student of English literature, I think it is very important that books dont resemble anuses. More importantly, I’m sure everyone here at Fleen appreciates the positive feedback. You keep up the good work and we’ll try to keep up ours!


Why do I suddenly get Deja Vu?

Because they changed something.

I meant this as kind of a follow-up to Gary’s post. Maybe I should have linked the original to avoid the wrath of your hyperlinked onomatopoeia.

That isn’t remotely wrath. :-)

Alas my area of the world the comic book stores probably don’t even know what a webcomic is, however hopefully London is changing that as I know GOSH does a lot of webcomic related things. I know they at least have Little Gamers in there.

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