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I Am Made To Consume Merchandise

I love t-shirts. I love t-shirts because they keep me warm and show off cleavage. And, of course, there is nothing better than representing your favorite web comic with a sassy, sarcastic tee.

Most web comic artists have t-shirt stores so they can make a little green off their hard work and dedication to their craft. Some people believe that it should just be about the art, not making money off of it. I can see their point, except for the fact that our whole world revolves around money. Money is what clothes us, feeds us, and to an extended point gets us laid.

So why wouldn’t web comic artists want to make money? I see nothing wrong with an artist trying to make a few bucks off their hard-earned work. And if the artist doesn’t want to sell merch, more power to them. I just feel that sometimes the artist gets punished for wanting to do whatever the hell he/she wants with his/her own creation. I’m sure George Lucas can relate to this.

Either way, here are some kick-ass t-shirt shops that I’ve spent my money on: The delicious Diesel Sweeties, the eerily hilarious Exploding Dog, and the kings of geekdom known as Penny-Arcade.

Fruit Fucker represent!

I love t-shirts because they keep me warm and show off cleavage.

Ah, yes. I have chosen … wisely.

Er, how do t-shirts show off cleavage, exactly? That’s gotta be a really low v-neck or extremely high boobs.

Customizing your t-shirt is something many of the ladies have done now to show off…well their ladies.

Isn’t customizing shirts is more trouble than it’s worth? I never really fit tees. Sometimes I buy them from webcomics and just end up sleeping in them. Wait, did that sound erotic AND insulting?

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