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Coming To A Con Near You

The summer convention season kicks into gear this weekend with the Applegeeks guys heading up to Anime Boston; if you drop by, say ‘hi’ and remember not to take home any stray catgirls. The fun continues in a few weeks at the MoCCA Art Festival (Jun 10 – 11, Puck Building in New York), where historically you find a heavy contingent from webcomics. Ever felt like stalking a Dayfreer or Bald Lemur?

Looking a bit further into the summer, Brian Wilson from Hookie Dookie Panic informs us that at Connecticon, the webcomics will be representin’ large:

I think your readers would be interested to know about our uber webcomic panel. We are the largest webcomic convention in the east coast, and all of our guests climb up on stage for two hours for the single largest webcomic panel in the world. For more information, the connecticon website features some writeups on a few of the guests that will be attending, and can be found [here].

He’s the director of main events at Connecticon, so he’d know. And within two weeks, you’re looking at the Nerd Prom, which has frequently offered quality webcomics artists and panels (although the programmers are probably still reeling from last year’s space dildos). Fleen (in the person of me) will be at MoCCA and San Diego, so keep an eye out for news, interviews, and reviews.

I hope there will be a turn out of web comic artists at the Chicago Wizard World Convention this summer since that’s about the only convention I’ll be able to get to.

The Kaiju Big Battel at Anime Boston was quite awesome. A real treat, with lots of stunning moments and shockers. I hope I get to see it live again someday.

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