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Speaking Of Hot Google Action …

This page has written before on the topic of webcomic advertising. You got your tightly targetted ads whereby producers looking to meet up with a certain demographic craft campaigns with loving detail. You got creators who will offer up their own characterswithin limits — for your message (or possibly even themed strips to carry that message). In a form of sorta-advertising, you can do product placement in the form of your own self. And then there’s Google’s various programs, including the rotation that you see on many webcomics.

These work by selecting keywords from text that appears on the page, serving up ads that are (presumably) of interest to the page’s audience. Sometimes, this means that ads contrary to your message sneak through … Scott Kurtz has written several times about how Google ads for gold farmers have snuck through, even though he’s opposed to them and their ilk.

But forget all that. I just want to know what combination of words on this page resulted in this ad showing up this morning. If nothing else, it’s given me an idea for how to choose new writers for Fleen in the future.

I have been running a google ad and two of the keywords are “girl comics” and “Comic book” Now why girl comics and comic books, I just happen to be an animation artist who does comic books too so this is part of my general promotion campaign.


..there are five girls.

Uh, buddy, the word you’re looking for is “too.”

Interesting observation, someone confused the 2 girl drawings with the pictures of the models. You are right on that I would consider changing it.
But… are you mocking my page? Do you find my ad inappropriate and sexiest? Then request from the blogger to stop adwords.
Hey I’m not the one who posted a picture of girl sitting down showing her crotch.
Thanks for the traffic!

Nassos: I think Gary is simply trying to figure out which post on Fleen prompted your ad to show up. Also, thanks to you, I think next time Fleen needs new writers we’ll see them write against each other in skimpy clothing or something like that.

I have no problem with Gary, I don’t even know who he is. I woke up this morning and I see hundreds of hits from this blog and others who RRS feed from here. So I check it out. I don’t control how adwords work; personally I can’t understand why an ad that runs for a month with 200 daily impressions in one night has 50000!
As I stated in my first comment which was intended to clear the confusion of the blogger ( Gary?) I’m also an artist and if you someone visits my web page will see of what caliber. I don’t find the girl image on this article offensive but I find the mocking comments at least childish.

A little sensitive, aren’t you?


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