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I Always Leave It To Jesus

I promised yesterday that I’d give you all some sweet, sweet Jesus lovin’. So without ado, here is my review of Leave it to Jesus: The Adventures of the Living Christ.

I found this site when snooping around online comics. The title caught my eye because my love of Jesus-based comics knows no bounds. I jumped to the site not knowing what to expect, and what I found was more satisfying than Wolverine making that ‘shinck” sound when he utilizes his retractable claws.

It opens to a warning page, stating that the humor is crude, offensive, and riddled with foul language. This only fueled my desire to see what this comic possessed. I clicked “enter” and was greeted with a nicely polished web site with clear links, a clean layout, and an all black-and-white format. Of course the author, Dan Hetrick, has a daily blog at the bottom of each comic, which is fairly common these days.

The comic itself is comprised of superimposed images into a four-panel comic. These images include Jesus (of course), Elmo, a surly bottle of Robitussin, Evil Nixon, and a character named Heather who suspiciously looks like a blurred image of Darth Vader. The comic usually parodies or pokes fun at social events, such as Tom Cruise going ape shit over Katie-my-mouth-has-a-fish-hook-in-it Holmes.

Usually the comic is gag-a-day, but there are specific roles that these characters play as well. Just for starters, Robitussin is the rival of Jesus, deftly trying to out-number him in followers. Evil Nixon is the archenemy of Jesus and Robitussin, and is constantly robbing people. Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg that is the official Jesus Christ.

The t-shirt store exceeded my expectations in means of selection and easy shopping. You can customize your shirt with numerous color choices, styles, and print designs. My personal favorite is the shirt of Jesus breaking up with me.

I suggest you check this fantabulous site out, especially if you’ve ever wondered where children come from.

That’s my favorite shirt too!

About time this comic got some cred; it’s *awesome*. The Bible quotes kill me.


When a review of a comic includes a review of a tshirt store, something inside me is disturbed.

someone on my irc room sent me here, apparently i have known this dan heterick as wraith. i rather quite enjoyed this webcomic, and cant wait for more in the future. woots to him.

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