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I discovered Witty Comics by accident when I was doing some research for work. It fell into my lap, this giant time waster, and I’ve decided to share it with as many people as possible so that they too can feel the joys of time wasting and procrastination. In college, procrastination becomes an art form, as you get older it is the yard stick to which character can be measured. How good are your excuses?

There are people who can make the most beautiful art structured with clever characters and jokes that are funny. For the rest of the 98% of us out there, we live to serve, to read and devour our very favorite stories from the people who spend their lives giving us free fun. On the remarkable days when we’ve got ideas but not the heart or the talent to reproduce them, we’ve got Witty Comics, which allows people the briefest glimpse of comic stardom in cut and paste glory, much akin to Dinosaur Comics and Red Meat. Except that they are good at what they do, and we aren’t.

To use Witty Comics, you pick two stock figures, a background and then fill in the word balloons with whatever punch line, political commentary, 4th wall explosion you want. If you log in to the site you’ve got the option of saving the comic. There’s a handy list of freshly created funny by all the other would-be comic creators out there. What in the world do a random lot of people find funny? Not surprisingly, there’s an enormous amount of phallic jokes to be made. And if our egos hadn’t had enough yet, there’s a handy rating system. There are no hard feelings though, everyone sucks here.

What kind of funny did I create? Well, probably nothing anyone would actually laugh at. It was sort of cathartic; cheapest therapy I’ve ever needed. Give it a try. Who is worthy of your funny ire?

I like you, Sommer. So far you are my favorite addition to the “Fleen Teem”, for reasons entirely unrelated to the fact that you’ve linked to me twice in two days.


Hey I like what I like!

It is easy to return to examples that you know and fit all sorts situations. Thanks for the rally cry !

Kinda how I make my comics…

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