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I Have A Problem

I know I’ve been on a video game kick lately. This is due to E306 wrapping up not to long ago, and me still trying to digest all the scrumptious video game tidbits that were shoveled down my consumer whore of a mouth. Anyways, I was reading my weekly VG Cats, and decided that I should take a moment to share this video game comic with you.

I’m sure many of you have heard of or read VG Cats. It is listed in the side-scroll of links on this here site. But, as I said, my video game high hasn’t finished burning its way through my veins just yet.

I prefer VG Cats to numerous other video game-related comics because the artist parodies actual games, not the gaming culture. The artist takes likenesses of his two cats, Leo and Aeris, and places them in scenarios involving various video games. The art is colorful, crisp, and resembles a cartoonish style one would expect from a video game comic. The humor is sharp and plays well against most of the bloody scenarios that video games have to offer.

To show you how much I’m in like with you I’ve decided to give you a taste of the sweet stuff in the form of Resident Evil: Toronto, evil Star Wars droids, and the most wonderful stoner game ever. So feast, my friends, on this web comic smorgasbord of delight, and come back tomorrow for some sweet, sweet, Jesus lovin’.

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