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Changes At Graphic Smash

In case you’d forgotten, at the end of last year, Colonel Joey decided to shift around the business model of the Modern Tales family of sites; part of those changes involved opening up the sites to both subscription-only and free titles, and bringing Eric Burns in as the editor of Modern Tales. It’s been a long while coming, but Mr T notes in his blog that changes are finally afoot at Graphic Smash.

So there’s new titles up at GS, and one presumes that a similar overhaul is imminent at MT (the roster of regularly-updating titles has gotten decidedly thin of late; hopefully Burns will be able to beef it back up quickly). Among the GS titles sure to gather attention is Bang Barstal by webcomics, um, personality WilliamG. If you follow webcomics, chances are you have an opinion on Mr G. and his opinions and means of expressing them (and chances are, nothing written here is going to alter your opinions). His comics work, however, has generally flown under the radar, so this may be the first opportunity for many to to judge his storytelling, art, and writing, rather than his forum persona.

On a related note, Fleen will be selling Nomex bodysuits for a modest fee if any wish to lay in a bit of flameproofing before venturing into such territory.

It was around the time when I discovered Bill’s, It’s About Girls, that I realized his forum persona was a farce. He is actually a decent guy, and he is one hell of an artist. Bang Barstal carries more of the belligerance of his forum persona; It’s an ass kicking comic that feels a lot like a Stephen King made-for-tv movie. TCampbell was smart to scoop that title up.

If you put a mustache on Bang, it reminds me of “My Name is Earl” with a baseball bat.

Yeah, I think you guys are cute too.

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