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They’re Adorable At This Age, Just Before They Turn Into Ravening Hell-Beasts

Blank Label Comics turns one year old today! Fleen congratulates the six hardy pioneers who left the comfort and safety of Keenspot to strike out on their own. Perhaps uniquely, BLC didn’t evolve over time via accretion — the individuals in the collective set out to build a group of ‘tooners that would have skills that complemented each other. Thus, Straubian web-design benefitted from Guigarian media savvy, and so forth.

The initial group of Kristofer Straub, Brad Guigar, David Willis, Paul Southworth, Steve Troop, and Paul Taylor was soon joined by Greg Dean, Howard Tayler, and Dave Kellett. Individually, they are mighty webcomickers; together, they are nigh-unbeatable, just like Voltron. In the year past, there have been 23 podcasts (complete with theme song — more things in life need theme songs), a charity event, a half-dozen books (and Straub just announced a new one today), and giggles o’ plenty. Oh sure, the fast life of webcomics — the groupies, the fast cars, the drugs — could still overcome these starry-eyed idealists. All it takes is one Yoko and they could become the Spinal Tap of the internet funnies in the blink of an eye … and that would be awesome. But today, we salute them, and wish them much success.

Until, y’know, the Yoko thing.

We need more asian babies. Keep it tuned to Blank Label for 10% more asian babies in 2007!

You might want to link Dave Kellett to the correct comic. ;)

I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s (typety-type) nothing wrong with Dave Kellett’s link.

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