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Not Even A Stomach Virus Will Keep Me Down

My feverish haze is making it difficult to write this post, but I’m sure the pain killers are playing a major role in impeding my writing abilities as well. Whatever the case, here is my review on “Faking Life”.

“Faking Life” is the continuation of Emo, both written and drawn by Nate Lee aka: N8 Dog. The main character of the strip is a psuedo-autobiographical version of Nate, pursuing a fulfilling life after college. If you want the back-story of Nate, I suggest going through the Emo archives, since that comic focused on his college career. “Faking Life” started on March 13th of this year, which makes it a rug rat in the adult world of web comics. Luckily for Nate, he’s been through the usual newbie pratfalls with his other comics.

Nate is now stretching his artistic boundaries by dabbling in flash animation. I applaud him for pushing himself, since many artists get stuck in one particular style or medium. This is a solid comic with an artist who contains copious amounts of potential. I’ll be keeping my eye on “Faking Life”, simply because it has captured my attention like an ancient monkey-god working at Starbucks.

My assessment: It’s another comic that starts with “Hi, I am artist and here’s my comic. I hope you like it! ROXORZ!”

Nothing new in a way, and, although not badly drawn, the comic focusses a bit too much on the inner workings of the artist’s mind and is cluttered with too many in-jokes to appeal to me.

“Potential” is probably the most telling word you put in your review. It’s a potential comic, but not yet great, or even extremely good or original.

The art is pretty though.

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