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My first webcomic was MegaTokyo back when I was a fifteen-year-old. My friend sent it to me, swearing that she would one day get me drunk and drag me onto a plane to Tokyo with her. In order to go through the archives on my dial-up connection, I would open ten pages at a time, and while they would load, I would do my math homework. If I got interrupted, I had better have bookmarked where I was.

The latest webcomic that I have begun to read is Scary-Go-Round. Now, normally, I would take an afternoon’s procrastination and read through an entire archive, but the Dreaded Real Life has been horribly distracting as of late. Work, sleep, Fleen, sleep, work; repeat.

So, really, I’d just like to sing the praises of the ability to tag the comic that you left off on, so that when you return to the site you can continue from where you stopped reading. It saves you from memorizing comic numbers, dates, or the titles of story arcs. It makes leaving and coming back to comics easier.

I love you, archive tagger-thing. I’m sure you have a proper name, but devices with “thing” in the name are so much cooler and mysterious and awesome.

yes, i think that code is pretty cool. it’s also really easy to install (i put it on my comic site, for instance). So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, all comic creators should go get it!

You mean the comic tagger?

This great idea came from heavy drinking.. see mum, it’s good for something!

You should probably add a link to it in your article? :P

Yes that is the one!!

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