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Didja Get the Message?

I hate message boards. The threads, in my opinion, are impossible to keep straight as people are replying to absolutely everyone. Then, every time you turn around you’re behind again because more people posted.

Needless to say, I don’t read message boards. I’m actually not really that big on becoming part of a throng of fans on a comic either – I read them for the stories, the characters, the art. I’m a bit of a purist that way, or maybe I’m just lazy and don’t need this particular aspect of my internet addiction to take up that much more of my time.

But when a webcomic changes style, loses dialogue, and becomes creepy as all hell – it pays to make a trip to the forums . Or the livejournal community. Or anywhere else where people are discussing the comic.

Wapsi Square’s forums are the only ones that I have had a chance to visit on a regular basis. As Monica figures out just how she fits into this supernatural (and yet completely natural) world around her, the fans are figuring out what allusions that Pablo is making. The way the story of Wapsi Square unfolds, with so many clues and allusions, it pays to pool brain cells with other readers to try and guess what’s going on.

Message boards are not the heart of the comic. The heart of the comic is definitely what you see on the opening page of the site. But the community of the comic, what makes webcomics a complete interactive experience, comes from the message boards.

If you’re a veteran webcomic and forum reader, look at the message boards in a new way. How does it contribute to your experience and understanding of the comic? If you’re a n00b, try looking at the boards – they can probably help point you in the right direction and clarify any questions you may have.

Oh, and as per Gary? Happy Birthday Blank Label.

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