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Check Out The Series Finale Of My New Mommy And Stick Around For The Beevnicks

It is a very big deal when a Webcomic comes to a purposeful end. Many comics just taper off into non-existence because the artist no longer has the time or the will. So when a creator makes it a point to bring their comic to an end, even though it’s because they want to move onto different things, it’s commendable. Creators might be doing this work for themselves, but they’ve brought us along for the ride. So with that, I give you a fond (and a little disturbing) farewell over at My New Mommy.

Dig into the very lowest scrapings of what makes us human and you’ll find soap opera-like stereotypes that make up the width and breasts of the cast of My New Mommy. When a middle aged man wins the lottery and his wife dies, why not marry a Vegas stripper? The kids remain unconvinced of her mommy-hood, but that’s nothing compared to the guy with the gun. Turns out I’m a little late to the party for My New Mommy. Owen Dunne’s wrapping up its run starting May 22th with the last 6 strips.

With the closing up of MNM, The Beevnicks are jumping in to fill the gap. There’s even a nice grin and nudge transitional nod to My New Mommy to kick things off. There is dark and sleezy humor here and at least one character I absolutely love to hate.

The last comic Dunne ended was Nippleshine Manor, a vulgar, obscene and depending on your disposition, hilarious comic. It has some vague resemblance to British nobility and eccentric old people but mostly it just makes you feel dirty. Why can’t more people learn how to use “Fecal Saturnalia” in a sentence? NM is not for the easily offended. Or people with classic good taste.

What I learned about Dunne from the comics over at You Damn Kid! is that not only can he write familiar, believable kids but he writes agreeable, dysfunctional grown ups as well. Dunne is one of the few comic writers that I think could write fiction as well as he writes comics.

My one complaint is that navigating the site and all the comic archives is maddening. There is no rhyme or reason to it. That being said, the range of funny this guy can do is nothing short of amazing. But all of his comics and characters are not universal for everyone. If you don’t like the shock value of Nippleshine, try a little home grown You Damn Kid!. It’s a web comic buffet over there.

“You Damn Kid” is the real gem at Dunne’s site. I found “Nippleshine Manor” to be amusing in a “I can’t believe he wrote that” way. Frankly, I’ve never cared for “My New Mommy” or “The Beevnicks” or “Norman P. Function”; far too dumb for my taste. “Dizzy Dustbin” was very inconsistent; sometimes great and inspired, sometimes just dumb. =) But “You Damn Kid” is a real gem, and I can’t wait to see it on the small screen. =)

I have to agree somewhat with Powers. YDK is really fantastic, though now that the author has been putting Beevnicks on the main page I’ve been reading that more as well and enjoying it.

I’d definitely agree with the sentiment about the navigation on his page; especially with the amount of times it has been changed.

I’ve grown to like all of the comics there, though. It seems like My New Mommy never got that big of a chance to fly; didn’t last very long.

Actually, the old Norman comics were his best work. I’m sad he’s not doing those any more.

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