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So here’s me on the road for work during a week when not one, but two different webcomicky books should be arriving at my home, just crying out for review. Woe is me. I suppose if I can’t read the new books, I can at least point you towards Stripped Books, where Gordon “Multiplex” McAlpin pays homage to The Book in a series of nonfictional documentary projects.

When something book-related occurs in the greater Chicago area, McAlpin does a multi-page comic about it — a reading, a release party, a speech, all are fair game for McAlpin’s recounting of the event. Most amazingly, McAlpin adjusts his own artistic style to match that of the author or book in question. Thus, Jon and Lane go to Barnes & Noble! looks like The Stinky Cheese Man, Perseopolis 2.1: The Story of a Signing looks like Marjane Satrapi’s award-winning autobiographical works, and Stephen Mitchell on Gilgamesh looks (to me, anyway) like the very naturalistic art of Eric Shanower’s Age of Bronze comics (okay, Greece and Troy, not Uruk, but close enough).

Stripped Books is on hiatus at the moment so that McAlpin can concentrate on Multiplex, but he promises it will be back — in any event, he’d pretty much have to wait for something bookish to happen before he could draw it, wouldn’t he? So if you’re an author in the Chicago area, do something so he can document it for us! In the meantime, check out the past events; there’s some good stuff there, and it’s well worth an afternoon surreptitiously browsing at “work”.

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