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Why Aren’t We All Facing The Dragons?

There just isn’t enough buzz about Rob and Elliot. At all. It boggles my mind. Clay and Hampton Yount have been writing their off beat strip for nearly two years now, and any just man would have forgiven you for not picking up on it; that is until Clay started producing Saturday comics for none other than Sluggy Freelance. For me, the Sluggy Saturdays really hit the mark. With just the right amount of Sluggy fan nostalgia and a healthy mix of originality, they were a welcome break to the dark epic nature of Oceans Unmoving II. Eventually, a slow Saturday night rolled around and I burned through the R&E archives. It was (and still is) a good balance of improbable hijinks, pop culture humor and surreality with just a pinch of drama added for flavor.

Rob and Elliot, it seems, is a victim of market forces. There are comics out there on the web that are as funny, as well drawn and which update more frequently. In the world of Web Comics, we are spoiled for choice. If we don’t like something (I imagine some of the surreal moments in R&E aren’t for everyone), or don’t have the patience for haphazard updates then we can just go and read something else.

My suggestion for those who have yet to check this comic out, or those who did and got bored or frustrated, is: do what I do, pick a slow comic day (like a Thursday) and then head on round to every fortnight or so on that day and read up on what you’ve missed. You won’t regret it.

Well, I didn’t.

I love Rob and Elliot, and I was happy that I found it from the guest strips they did for Sluggy way before the new Saturdays (which are also awesome). My problem with R+E is that their web site loads too goddamn slowly. There are just too many things on the site, and it takes forever to load on a less-than-optimal connection. Very hard to go through the archives that way.

I love that comic. I too found it through sluggy freelance, instantly loving the bikini suicide frizbee strips. It’s fantastic.

I don’t think Sluggy Freelance, or webcomics themselves would be as great if it weren’t for Rob and Elliot. I wait patiently for them every Sunday and Thursday nights hoping for the update, its like a game with the sweetest winnings ever. And the one where that one guy shoots himself is by far the best they’ve done.

I don’t think Sluggy Freelance would be half as “good” as it is if it started six months before Goats, rather than six months after

But sometimes I’m a synchophant.

Well, you’re probably right. That timing gave them a great ‘what not to do’ list.

(… I’m a terrible sycophant. But at least I can spell it).

I love me some Rob and Elliot.

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