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A Practical Example In Response To Sommer’s Question Yesterday

I recently wrote the following:

My wife, who is usually mildly disinterested in my webcomics mania

I even more recently (about three minutes ago) received the following in an email from her:

Time to go see today’s Dinosaur Comics. Look what you’ve done!! I believe there is a lesson here for us all!

What I have been unable to accomplish in years of pestering, Ryan North managed with a single book. There is no limit to his power, and stay the hell away from my wife, North! I will not lose her to your seductive Canadian ways!

Haha, awesome! Can you please tell your wife I say “hello”? Make it sound – you know… SENSUAL.

[…] Ryan North is poised to take over the world. The man has ideas, ideas which are crafty, and which make webcomics cooler. The new idea — which will have an impact on the ability of creators to control parts of webcomics-as-business (shhhh, it’s a secret so far) — is one of those things that have the potential to redo all the rules of webcomics. He is also very tall, and was a gentleman towards my wife. […]

[…] account this was somewhat surprising to me, and there’s only one rational way to respond: Stay the hell away from my wife, Ryan […]

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