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Your Art, Your Rules

I’ll do whatever the hell I want. You heard me. I think I’ll review Ruhopty!, because Liam does whatever the hell he wants with his comic. If he feels like having reoccuring characters, then he’ll have them. If he feels like those characters get him no where and stops drawing them, who are we to judge?

He’s the creator, and he plays web comic god to those in his strip. He switches up the art style without notice, and without apologies. He’ll decide one day to write about a killer duck, and the next he’s warning kids not to run with Uranium. Don’t tell him what to do/think/feel or he’ll send Todd after you.

What I got out of this strip besides a craving for chicken-ade is the feeling that Liam does this comic for his personal enjoyment, and if others are entertained then all the better. He truly loves to draw, and makes dutiful effort to sharpen his skills. He chooses random humor over a story line, a recent decision made in his last post. This shift in format has created more of a web comic-blog, instead of the typical story-line driven, three panel strips found almost every where else.

This may not be the best that the inter-web has to offer, but at least the author is doing whatever the hell he wants.

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