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Blah blah blah Silent Hill. Blah blah blah Super Man Returns. Blah blah blah Doom blah blah blah X-Men 3. Video game movies and comic book movies are all the rage these days it would seem. That’s right, geeks have it pretty good when it comes to making a choice at the box office, so how long will it take before the first web comic movie appears?

Realistically? Probably pretty long, but it’s still fun to talk about. There’s no doubt that there are web comics out there that have the goods to be turned into a Hollywood movie. Strips like PvP and Ctrl Alt Del have been experimenting with animation, but what would it be like to see your favorite online characters played by real Hollywood actors? I am of the opnion that it could be awesome. I think the following ideas have some potential, and remember folks, you heard it here first!

Schlock Mercenary: Directed by Joss Whedon, staring Nathan Fillion as Tagon, Katee Sackoff as Elf and David Koechner as the voice of Schlock. I’m thinking the cruise liner storyline would make a great Aliens “homage�?.

Sluggy Freelance: Directed by Terry Gilliam. David Spade as Torg. Johny Depp as Riff, Carla Gallo as Zoe and Debra Messing as Gwen. How about the Isle of Doctor Steve saga, with Mila Jovovich as Oasis and Bob Hoskins as Steve!

After these two blockbuster hits, the path will be clear for a Dr McNinja comedy martial arts movie with Stephen Chow, a Mac Hall college slacker movie with Judd Apatow and a Dinosaur Comics movie with Steven Spielberg!

Yeah, things got a bit out of hand there, I think I’d better go lie down…

steven spielberg would ruin dino comics

Let’s not bring Sluggy Freelance into this, when Alien Loves Predator is obviously the one webcomic that truly deserves it’s own movie.

I’m a little surprised that there hasn’t been an Alien Loves Predator home grown movie over at, filmed in some kid’s basement, with a poorly trained but means well cast and an aspiring, yet enthusiastic make-up artist.

Mila Jovovich as Oasis would definitely be cool, but I have to disagree about Spade as Torg. That would make me not want to ever watch it. Ever.

Anti-Spade comment seconded.

Is Jason Alexander too obvious a choice for Cole? It might be good for him to take a role where he has some kind of authority.

I’ve been in negotiations on a few occassions for an animated No Stereotypesmovie for almost a year now with the cast of Mark Hamill as Spontaneous, Jeri Ryan as Jody, John DeLancie as Raven, and Lucy Lawless as Kat. Atom is, as of yet, uncast.

We’ll see if I’m the first to break the “webcomics/movie” barrier.


Glych –
Wouldn’t a movie actually require you to finish No Stereotypes first, rather than just keep adding new chapters?

[…] Uncategorized Remember way back when I was musing on the possibility of Hollywood produced web comic movies? Yeah. That was fun. Anyway, as it happens, there is something out there that seems to resemble the antics of certain gaming comics caught on camera, but perhaps not to Hollywood standards. It is called Mega64. Perhaps you have heard of it. […]

I have to add new chapters in order to finish it.

I’m in the last leg of the story now.


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